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Dr. April Walter, Psy.D., is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist & co-founder of The Center, a mental health clinic in Federal Way and Seattle, and The Center for Psychological Research, a nonprofit research center.

Dr. Walter’s clinical work has focused on all areas pertaining to adult, pre-teen, teen, couple, and family treatment. She specializes in the clinical treatment of individuals and families dealing with neuropsychological issues, especially those dealing with dual diagnoses and teens/adults who are struggling with gaining independence. Much of Dr. Walter’s work focuses on those with a diagnosis of Autism spectrum Disorder, Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, and other psychological disorders such as Bipolar Disorder, Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, etc. Her work combines a family systems approach and cognitive behavioral therapies such as, traditional cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy. She also utilizes a neuropsychological treatment approach, which she created and is currently researching. Dr. Walter’s background with families includes divorce recovery group therapy, serving as an Intensive Family Preservationist for the Institute for Family Development, which helps families who are involved with Child Protective Services, and being a research assistant for Dr. John Gottman. Her background with individual therapy includes inpatient group therapy at Harborview and individual and group therapy at Antioch University Clinic. Dr. Walter worked with Autism spectrum disorders, ADHD and other neurological issues at ASTAR Center with Dr. Gary Stobbe, at the University of Washington, and at Antioch University Clinic.

In addition, Dr. Walter is currently doing research in the areas of a Neuropsychological treatment approaches for those on the Autism Spectrum, a Meta-analysis of insight and Autism, and a program for adults on the Autism Spectrum focusing on independent living, relationships, college and employment.

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Carly Pereira Pascoe, M.A. is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate & co-founder of The Center, a mental health clinic in Federal Way, and The Center for Psychological Research, a nonprofit research center. Carly is currently finishing her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. She enjoys working with children, teens, young adults, parents, families, and groups. In addition, Carly also acts as a consultant to various schools in the King County area. Her education and clinical training is focused on providing treatment and assessment services to children, adults, and families presenting with a diverse range of emotional, medical, and neuro-psychological difficulties. Furthermore, she has worked extensively with children on the autism spectrum for over 10 years. During this time, she has worked in both In and Outpatient settings with children and adults. Carly Pereira also works with common childhood issues such as poor academic performance, depression, anxiety, ADHD, behavioral problems, and divorce. Carly utilizes both a Cognitive Behavioral and Family Systems approach in her clinical work. Her current research focus is on “how parents cope with having a child with autism”. During her free time, Carly enjoys spending time with her two dogs, bicycling, cooking, and traveling.

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Dr. Justin Steffener, Psy.D.  is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. He takes pleasure in getting to know and working in collaboration with children, young adults, adults, families, and groups. Justin’s education and clinical training is directed at providing focused clinical treatment and evaluations for individuals presenting with a diverse range of neuro-psychological and emotional challenges, while expanding his work to meeting the emotional needs of those suffering with medical conditions. His experience includes working with individuals and groups for the past six-years in the greater Seattle area. His work is extensively focused on identifying and structuring treatment for those with developmental disorders and individuals dealing with the stress of life transitions. In addition, his preferred treatment approach integrates cognitive-behavioral and insight-oriented interventions. He is dedicated to delivering a high-level of services to individuals that focus on improving the quality of one’s life and a better sense of well-being. During his free time, Dr. Steffener enjoys playing music, hiking, spending time with his family, and reading.




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Alicia Schmoker, M.S.W  is currently an independent clinical social work associate. In her clinical practice, she enjoys working with children, teens, and young adults by utilizing a Cognitive Behavioral and Family Systems approach. Alicia also acts as a transition specialist for a local inclusion school. Her education and clinical training is focused around providing treatment and assessment services for children, adolescents, and young adults presenting with behavioral, emotional, and neurodevelopmental difficulties in both clinical and residential settings. Furthermore, she has completed extensive training around providing biopsychosocial assessments for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities with a focus on autism spectrum disorder as well as children experiencing behavioral challenges, poor academic performance, ADHD, and anxiety.  While completing her master’s degree, Alicia’s research focused around transition services for adolescents with autism spectrum disorder. During her free time, Alicia enjoys hiking, camping, bicycling, and spending time with her family and dog “Indi”.




Jennifer Buechler, LMHC is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a background in working with adults and children/teens of varying backgrounds.  She is a former Captain in the United States Army who has worked as a mental health provider for active duty military members and families, as well as retirees dealing with military life issues, PTSD, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, sleep disorders, anger issues, and retirement phase-of-life transitions, as well as many other difficulties using Cognitive Behavioral and Existential therapies.  Specialties that Mrs. Buechler focused on during her training in the Army included neuropsychology and traumatic brain injury, chronic pain management, and health psychology.  She also provided mental health assessments including psychological testing for special military assignments.  Prior to her work in the Army, Mrs. Buechler worked with at-risk teens in San Diego, CA at San Pasqual Academy, a residential high school for foster teens, and completed an internship at Aurora Behavioral Health in San Diego, CA, a private psychiatric hospital providing inpatient and outpatient services for patients with Schizophrenia, substance abuse, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, and eating disorders, among other diagnoses.  Currently, Mrs. Buechler’s clinical interests include working with Autism Spectrum Disorder children/teens/adults as well as military populations.  She is a full-time stepmother of a special needs child with Cerebral Palsy and Autism and is a wife of a retired Army infantry veteran.  In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her family, frequenting local museums, and involving her family in arts and crafts projects, often referred to as “mandatory fun.”  She also enjoys sporting events, history, all varieties of music, yoga, scuba diving, and reading.