We offer a full range of comprehensive assessments for all ages including the following:


Diagnosis & Assessments

    • This evaluation is appropriate for those seeking only a diagnosis such as Autism, ADHD, etc.

Educational Assessment

    • This evaluation would include a cognitive assessment (IQ) and academic achievement assessment.
    • This assessment is more involved and specifically assesses for learning disabilities, strengths and areas of need
    • It helps generate accommodations and feedback for teachers and parents
    • This assessment is appropriate for those attempting to enter into special education or gifted programs

Comprehensive Assessment

    • Includes diagnostic and educational assessments
    • May also include neuropsychological testing
    • This type of assessment is appropriate for those looking for not only school accommodations but those trying to find the more subtle disabilities or issues
    • This assessment is appropriate for those individuals seeking services through the Department of Developmental Disabilities or Social Security Disability