The Center now has a non-profit division called The Center for Psychological Research (CPR). CPR is dedicated to psychological research specializing in Autism Spectrum and other neuro-developmental disorders. It is also focused on educating communities, other professionals, and future providers (such as our new doctoral interns). Below you will find a list of CPR’s current research projects. In addition, there is a section for relevant clinical trials and research that we feel you may find of use and also interesting.

 The Center’s Research:

  • A meta-analysis on Autism and Insight.
  • Insight and Executive Function workbook
  • Autism & Psychosis
  • Coping with a Child with Asperger Syndrome
  • L.I.F.E . Spectrum Program
  • Breaking Away Project (living independently)
  • The Relationship Project
  • College Grad Project
  • Market-ability Project

Clinical Trials & Research in the community: